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Monday, 20 October 2014

Got A Ride ?

pet gear nv no zip
So, my kittybus broke =(

The stroller lasted for almost 10 years though. Not bad at all right?
After much browsing around, I've decided on the Pet Gear NV No Zip Pet Stroller in Rose.
I couldn't find any Pet Gear products in Singapore but spotted a few at the pet shop in Dubai Mall.

pet stroller

But most looked like the same one I had & I needed something sturdy. 
My ninjas alone weigh at an average of 5 kilograms each.
Oh, did you know my black ninjas are rescues?
I found them at a carpark, just few days old & eyes closed.

I tried calling SPCA for help. Long story short, fearing they might be put to sleep if I send them over,
I decided to raise them with the help of Google. All 4 survived. It's pretty memorable when it comes to litter training them as well as eating solids. I also wore black for months on end because I was the first thing they saw when they started opening their eyes one by one. Feeding was done every 2-3 hours day and night.

Anyhoo, the new kittybus. My options were either Amazon or Ebay & i went for Ebay.
The delivery was horrendous, no thanks to Fedex. Delivery charge was around $120 USD.
I'm by no means rich so my heart broke when the item arrived in this state.


Luckily, nothing was damage.
So, here's the new kitty bus.



pet gear no zip

pet gear nv no zip

pet gear nv no zip

So, if you are looking for a nice stroller for your furbabies, check out Pet Gear NV No Zip stroller.
The stroller looks good, solid tyres with pump & has an ample amount of mesh view. Breathable.

It also comes with a cup holder & a basket space underneath the stroller.
The stroller can hold up to 15kg or was it 20? Either ways, I dont go more than 15 for sure.

The only downside is the plush looking mattress pad eventually turned crappy after washing a few times so I'm using a normal mattress pad now.

It also comes with a weather cover which basically wraps around your stroller like a rain coat.
Came in handy when we were caught in the rain once.

That's it. I leave you with a vid of them on a kitty walk featuring some neighbourhood cats.

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