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Thursday, 15 January 2015


sigma brush guard

I can never stress enough how important it is to regularly wash our make up brushes. 
It is not just hygienic but it also helps stretch the longevity of your tools.
( plus you can't blend properly if its full of gunk )
Don't believe me ?

bodyshop kabuki

 This kabuki brush from Bodyshop is actually about 10+ years old now.
I should submit it to museum if it last 20 more.
No longer feel bad about shelving $40 over dollars 10 years ago. Spending that kind of money was a big deal to me. I thought it's going to cook for me one day or something. 

The kabuki still function as good as new. No shedding. God bless The BodyShop.
Of course, brush quality also plays a part to begin with.
I have learnt throughout the years that when it comes to make up brushes, don't be stingy.
Everything else, by all means. Scrooge as scrooge can get. 


Let's start with the free ones.
I loot every single one of them on trips.

While in Bangkok, I totally forgot to pack my usual brush shampoo. As I always paint my face to a certain degree of thickness due to hyper pigmentation & acne scares, my weapon of choice is FULL COVERAGE foundations. My beauty blender was soiled to filth with Graftobian High-Def Glamour Creme & I gave the hotel bar soap a try. 

Thinking it was going to take a little bit of work trying to get the sponge clean, to my surprise, everything came off easily. Even make up brushes dried soft & not unruly. Mild yet cleans effectively.

And then, I was in Dubai.

Spotted those round soaps again, obviously not the same brand, but works equally good.

Is it the palm kernel oil or maybe glycerine content ? I jumped on Google/Youtube to learn more about glycerine soaps & learnt that it contains a component of fat/oil. Kinda jolted my memory of science class when we were taught that we have been washing our  dirty hands with "oil".

'' Takes oil to remove dirt '', the teacher said....
WAIT, WHAT? ( yea I know, my expression back then )

Anywho, next time when you travel, bring your inner pirate out and keep the soap in your bag. Do it daily & you'll go home with plenty of brush cleaners by the end of the trip.

sephora brush 61

Moving along, if you wanna spend some dough, allow me to share my latest obsession.
I purchased a 2oz vanilla from Camera Ready Cosmetics for trial run & regretted not going for the 4oz in the first place because I can't take my nose off the scent.

" Clean Brush Shampoo is what makeup artists everywhere have been waiting for: a brush cleaner strong enough to cut the elbow grease out of washing your brushes, yet gentle enough to not ruin the pricey tools you spent so much time and money accumulating.  The answer came to creator Jessicca Ochs, in pure, essential ingredients drawn from the world we live in - not hazardous factories.  Clean Brush Cleaner comes in a solid soap form and eliminates the need for extra materials; simply wet your brush, swirl it around in the tub, rinse, and lay flat to dry.  With two equally-beloved formulas, the Goat's Milk aids in whitening brush bristles, while the Olive Oil provides necessary conditioning, particularly for natural hairs.  These cleansers rinse completely from your brushes and leave behind a light, pleasant fragrance of your choice if you wish.  No heavy, oily or dense residue - only soft, fresh bristles that perform like new. "

clean brush shampoo

The Clean Apothecary Brush Shampoo comes in the following scents :


EucalyptusVanilla (CRC Exclusive!)

So how does this brush shampoo fair? Excellent !
It works as described. With Vanilla/Olive Oil, I find myself spending a longer time washing my brushes because the luscious vanilla scent is like drugs. It's crack...

The shampoo cleans my brushes really well, keeping them soft especially my Make Up For Ever foundation brush. It is not as coarse now. I notice MUFE brushes does not clean easily compared to other brushes. Is it just me? 
Though you will have a lingering vanilla scent after  your brushes dry, it didn't give me any breakouts. But, if you are sensitive to fragrance, better just buy the original.

I'm not a big fan of the goats milk version of this product. On the website, it states that the goats milk version aids in whitening brush bristles. That did not work for me. With the olive oil version, cleaning is just much more easier, breaking the residue foundation down really fast. It just works better.

Maybe I received a bad/old batch or something, plus it was on sale.

Anywho, here's a pic of Zoeva brushes. Good, affordable brushes! 

rose gold zoeva

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