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Sunday, 8 February 2015


zara crystal

Crystal Bib Retail Price - $22 USD from a known mall 

Have you guys heard of Aliexpress ? Man oh man, let me share my shopping experience with you.

I was an avid Ebay'er, thinking that I have been scoring best prices for a bunch of stuff I purchased so far. I checked out other online merchants like & in the past but at that time, they were specializing in bulk orders only, plus I was not too keen in using my debit card with no Buyer Protection.

One day, I was watching tv & came across a program featuring the founder of That prompted me to visit both sites again to see if anything is different. is still selling bulk orders but Aliexpress made my heart dropped. 

Yea. You feel me right ?

About Aliexpress. Accessories, clothing, novelty items, household products & many more. Most, if not all suppliers are based in China & since most things are made in China these days, why not just buy from source & not pay extra on retail ! 
Most times when I surf the site, I often find that what I owned, actually cost HALF THE PRICE, if not even LOWER. Stab in the heart/pocket.
rose gold ring

red ruby cheap
Red ruby ring, $15 at retail. $6.98 on Aliexpress.

Buyer Protection offers full refund if you don't receive your order. Refund or keep items not as described. Sounds fair enough so I took the plunge. A little note about this site, it is not for the impatient ones when it comes to shipping. 

Most offer a standard delivery time of 39-50 days, though I usually receive my goods in 3 weeks & judging from the feedback left on sellers' page, some received their orders after 10 days. 

So if you are not in a hurry or intending to buy way in advance before the holidays, go ahead be crazy. 

kardashian toiletry bag

Kardashian Kollection Toiletry Bag. Price tag attached to bag $49.90

I am not sure if it's legit but i was looking for a nice looking toiletry bag and $14 USD sounds better than $49.90 haha. Plus it serves the purpose. Not bad of a quality either.

alpha h bioderma

Remember to always check for feedbacks/rate & the comment section from buyers before placing any orders. Some of these buyer include pic of their purchase. If you are hesitant to buy, DON'T. Don't buy cosmetic products from there either. There's a lot of fake products with big names. Issue here is not fake brands or cheap make-up. It's more to not knowing what kind of ingredients are in it & you don't wanna mess with that right? We only have one face. Besides, some of these companies do animal testing :S

So, have you ever shop on Aliexpress? Know any other good sites with good deals ? 
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