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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Missing In Action

My apologies for not posting for quite awhile. Life has hit me like being thrown into a spinning washing machine drum,
banging on the glass & people just walk by.

I would like to say thank you to those who passed by.
DIY USB Lipstick post has been the most viewed so I was wondering if you made one too!
Let me know if you do. Was it difficult?

Life is a winding road. There has been alot of changes in my life. Good and bad.
It's been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride. Losing a pet is one of many.
Of course, like many pet owners, she's a family member to me.

A couple of major stuff hit me which I intend to share one day.
Only for the reason, I'm pretty sure there are lot of ladies and gents who gone through the same thing.
Or even going through it right now. How do we move on ?

Another major change is that I'm reluctantly relocating. It's really...tough on me.
I always manage to see the glass half full rather than half empty most of my life but this time it's just ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY difficult...
( pardon me it just feels good to have it on writing )

starbucks singapore

That's why the demise of Nyot was tough. If I move, It's like leaving my child behind.
Feels incomplete. I was hoping we would all move together & start this new journey in our lives.
It was very significant to me.

On the bright side of things, I married my best friend.
I know it's cliche but he's the bestest I've ever met. EVER.
We were friends before anything else & he can walk right in Sephora, grab a primer and a bronzer for me.
A++++++ <3
I heart him to death !

Our wedding was the most simplest, no fuss of affairs.
We were not willing to spend 20-30 thousand dollars on a wedding.
I rather we save it up & use the money for a really nice home.

Some were like "are you sure?"
What? You've never seen a woman who's not into weddings? Who's not bridezilla material?

We went to the registrar & then had a nice lunch with family, a few friends at The Grand Hyatt, Singapore.
Food was great but we were whacked so I didn't get to gorge everything because the bride & groom decided to stay up late chit-chatting. We only had 2 hours sleep the previous night.

guerlain gold primer lor

Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer

This right here was an absolutely life saver. Made me look like I had a good night sleep that morning.
It's pretty costly but definitely worth every dollar for special occasions.
Best part, it works. My skin looks firmer after application & make up stands up pretty well for hours.

I would stab my heart. my soul, my eyes, my brains for paying $109 SGD ( $79 USD ) for this & It didn't work. You can see it in action here. A review by my fav beauty guru. I can sell my soul for this woman lol. Her recommendations have always been spot on.

I wanted something different rather than the regular wedding band or a 6 claw solitaire which I already have as an engagement ring so I went with a rose gold number with amethyst & mini diamonds.

rose gold

 Thought it was unique.
Experiences in life taught me what matters most is a good, loving partner, a roof over our heads & the longevity of my marriage.
Rest is dust on my shoulders.

Anyhoo, that's it for now. I will be back to fill in the empty slots here.
I am leaving you with this ghostly screengrab from a collective vid.

You can guess where I will be relocating soon =(
Thank you for reading. See you soon, my friends.

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